About Briga and Friends

I am Chris Carr. I have an MA in Classical Studies and have also studied Medieval and Renaissance history at Undergraduate level.

My particular interest is in the cultural interaction between Rome and the indigenous population in the 200 years between Caesar’s visit to Britain and the building of Hadrian’s Wall. This interest extends to many periods of cultural change such as the period following the Peasants’ Revolt in 1381 and the influence of Renaissance learning on all levels of society during the Tudor period.

I have been teaching history freelance to KS2 children for nearly 15 years and was a member of the Education Team at the Flag Fen Bronze Age Centre for over 10 years. More recently I have been lecturing to A-level and Undergraduate groups on ancient society, ritual practise and archaeology. I also founded the Fenland Young Archaeologists’ Club based at Flag Fen.

I am a member of the Medieval Sokemen, a Peterborough-based living history group specialising in medieval history but also covering the Tudor era. I was until recently a member of the Romans of the 9th, a local group of young re-enactors who recreate life in the late 1st century in the IXth Legion. Links to these groups are on the Links page.